Everyday Eroticism – June

As women, getting turned on typically starts long before we reach the bedroom. It starts with our minds, our senses and our harmony with life. In Everyday Eroticism I am asking, what turns you on about your LIFE? Look around, I challenge you to be present and practice gratitude. This isn’t about your vision board, your fantasies, or complicated concepts. This is about getting off on the wonderful, simple and sometimes silly things in your life right now.

Here are some of my little Everyday Eroticisms for June:

  • Listening to my children squeal with laughter during bath time with my husband while I prop my feet up after dinnertime and enjoy fresh, juicy peaches and chilled sauv blanc from my fancy wine glass
  • Foggy Mesa mornings
  • Admiring a stunning bouquet of pink roses I clipped from my own yard
  • Jacaranda trees in full bloom after my morning bootcamp. Cheers for getting those workouts in mama!
  • Roasted artichokes and grilled corn
  • Collecting bits of sea glass along the beach
  • Nighttime foot rubs courtesy of my hubby
  • The way Knox and Milla point and yell “Plane!” at every single flyby
  • Jasmine-perfumed air as I walk my kids to the park
  • Morning dance parties and toddler yoga
  • Dusting off my longest lingering project of creating a custom book of love letters. Ty and I fell in love long-distance while I was living in Australia and he was in Santa Barbara. Our email correspondence back and forth is one of our greatest treasures. I’ve been meaning to capture these in a custom book for over 5 years now and getting this important project finished feels soooooo good. I used www.LoveBookOnline.com and can’t wait to see how it turned out!
  • Writing! Big surprise, writing is super thrilling and cathartic for me (even if no one reads it)
  • Llama Llama freestyle by Ludacris (I just can’t help myself). I love llamas and I love Luda. Most parents are familiar with the Llama Llama book series and spicing up book time is always refreshing. For the record, I personally like to rap Pout Pout Fish for my kiddos.

Ok, your turn. What is turning YOU on about your life this June?

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