Mom Win: Eat A Frog

Today Knox sh*t on the living room floor at the exact same time that Camilla peed on my Restoration Hardware coffee table. There is something to say about that beautiful twin connection. I’ll spare you the photo. 

It was one of those moments when you don’t even know which mess to clean up first… Camilla. Knox was too shocked to do anything with his accomplishment while Camilla is just mischievous enough to launch into a puddle jumping spree. 

I am sure that the Restoration Hardware designers are rolling over in their luxury linens, disgusted by the blatant disrespect to their creation. Why couldn’t she just go to Ikea where she belongs? I’m sure Amazon Prime could provide her with something, anything more suitable. Don’t worry if you are coming over to my house anytime soon, I buy Lysol in bulk. I have a Pinterest board named “Bleach Is My Perfume.” 

It was all going so well. We had enjoyed a beautiful beach morning and I was allowing the babes some naked frolic time in the backyard while I prepared lunch. Isn’t bare buns what summer is all about? Knox had been doing so well, even running in from outside to find the potty, that I let them back in the house for just a moment. I even put the potty right next to Camilla but what can I say:

KIDDING. I swear I am kidding. I adore my daughter, she’s just got my number. Cheeky little monkey. 

I was watching them like a hawk… then my husband called. Grrrrr. I shouldn’t have looked away. I should have made time to finish reading the potty training guide my friend sent me. She potty trained her 8 month old baby. She makes miracles happen. I should’ve known better.

There’s a phrase I’m liking a lot these days, “Stop Should-ing All Over Yourself.” How often do you do this to yourself? 

Stop Should-ing All Over Yourself

I should exercise more

I should eat better

I should reach out to friends more

I should clone myself so I can get more done in a day

I should learn how to relax

How many times is “should” followed with “but”? It is so debilitating, so deflating. Do we really need another half-baked intention to lord over ourselves? Like a hole in the head. 

Anytime you start should-ing on yourself, see it as a red flag. Prioritize and recognize what is really in your wheelhouse. You will or you won’t. You do or you don’t… and then get on with it. Be actionable and powerful, act with intention, and take ownership of your priorities. 

I’d like to do yoga today but it isn’t going to happen because I chose to go to coffee with an old friend instead. It was worth it and I commit to myself to make yoga happen tomorrow. 

What good would it do me to say “I should clean up that sh*t on the floor but….?”

This brings me to my next mantra, which I adore:

If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.

And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.

Mark Twain

Basically, we all have things we have to do that we’d rather not. Instead of dwelling on them and allowing your day to turn to crap in anticipation of the dirty deed, just do it now. Anyone remember those days of putting off that college paper until the very last minute and how it weighed on your soul?

Would it do me any good to leave the poop on the floor? It’s not like it would clean itself up. Our problems don’t go away by themselves and the mental real estate they take up while we push them off isn’t rent free. 

We don’t have to allow these blips to take over. It doesn’t have to become “one of those days” and I don’t have to beat myself up over it happening. I get to make these rules for myself. Overall it was a great beach day, my kiddos are healthy and tonight I’m committed to finally reading that potty training guide. 

Let’s be authentic and intentional and, most importantly, be kind to ourselves.

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