Patience Is A Virtue, It’s Just Not One Of Mine

I made passion fruit ice cream today. It was my first time making ice cream- as an adult. I was totally convinced I would need to purchase rock salt because that’s how we did it when I was a kid (*old lady statement right there). Instead I bought this freezable mixing bowl assembly that works with my Kitchenaid mixer. Magical 15 minute ice cream.

Passion fruit has been a theme of our summer. Knox and Milla have a voracious appetite for the vibrant, soupy fruit. We all do. We planted vines a few years ago and apparently they’ve been in a generous mood, so we’re in luck. We probably go through 10 a day. My husband actually Googled whether eating too much passion fruit could be unhealthy. (Yes, I’m sure there’s a tipping point somewhere)

With Camilla asking for ice cream as an after-dinner treat almost daily (asking, not getting), I couldn’t wait to delight them with my fresh, creamy concoction. Except neither child ate anything for dinner, they literally didn’t eat anything at all. It wasn’t as if I was asking them to choke down beef tartare and a pile of spinach. I had even served their faithful standby favorite toddler food, seeking to ensure success.

Well darn! Now I couldn’t give them the ice cream, no matter how badly I wanted to. Knife to my heart! If I gave them the ice cream at this point it could be perceived as a mom desperate to entice her child to eat anything and stooping to new lows. For those who are unaware, toddlers are negotiating masterminds and are on constant patrol for opportunities to gain more autonomy and power.

If I gave in tonight, they likely wouldn’t agree to eat dinner for a week, insisting ice cream be served in lieu. Ugh. There is a concept known as the Division of Responsibility in feeding. As a parent it is my role to provide regular and nutritious meals and snacks. I try to ensure that there is always at least one thing on the plate that I know they will eat. It is the child’s responsibility to decide what they are going to eat from what has been served and how much, or whether not to eat at all. A toddler choosing not to eat is *typically* a first world problem that drives mothers insane. I have to remind myself, my children are not going to starve themselves to death.

My darlings, it is my pleasure to introduce this beautiful world to you, everyday. I get SO excited for you, for your adventures, surprises and delights. It is my honor to be a part of your journey as you are a part of mine. As parents we get to enjoy childhood all over again, and I’m sure I’ll get to suffer through other parts again as well. In this moment I can’t wait to show you two of your very favorite things magically transformed into a new delight that will surely blow your mind: passion fruit ice cream.

As I like to say, patience is a virtue, it’s just not one of mine. I guess I’ll have to keep this new world wonder to myself just a little longer and tonight, after bedtime, you’ll find dad and I parked on the couch enjoying big bowls of homemade ice cream.

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