Shelter In Place And Slow Your Roll

Well, it’s official, the CA Governor has issued a stay-in-place order effective midnight last night. 

In reality, we’ve already been in self-quarantine for how many days and I already have cabin fever. I started off this journey by launching into potty training my twins, but who is keeping score? A good idea in hindsight because it seems that all the boneheads who are hoarding the toilet paper have also bought up the baby wipes meaning diaper changes would have gotten a lot messier once I run out of our current stash. 

This is hard on all of us, exacerbated by not knowing how long we are to remain on red alert by a virus that we cannot see, resulting in feelings of helplessness and even distrust of our community comrades. It’s then made worse yet again by the required isolation which prevents us from seeking comfort and reassurance in the most basic human way possible, through togetherness and simply breaking bread together. 

I have more than one friend group planning virtual happy hours. No joke. 

All humor aside, who is not going bananas? What do I do with myself, with my kids? Not to mention my spouse who is attempting to work from home in our shoebox-sized house. Honey, distance really does make the heart grow fonder! We are rolled up like a paranoid hot pocket seasoned with a generous pinch of claustrophobia.

I don’t know how many times I can say “pee pee in the potty, poo poo in the potty” before I teeter off the deep end. 

Maybe we have an opportunity to think about our shelter in place in a different way. What does a normal non-pandemic day look like in your world? Waking up to an alarm to plow the family through the morning routine, getting everyone to work/school/errands on time, squeezing in exercise, figuring out dinner… What else? Finished off by a little after-kiddos-fall-asleep TV time and then collapsing into bed only to do it over and over again day after day?

I know we all get tired of the daily grind. I don’t even have to ask.

I think there is a unique opportunity to take a deep breath and give ourselves, and our nation, a break. We are a country of overachievers and over-workers so maybe, just maybe, we can recognize these extreme circumstances and take it easy for a beat. As I mentioned in a previous article The Art Of Boredom: Embracing Summertime there is a beauty to slowing your roll and enjoying the simple things. 

For the first time in forever Facebook and Instagram won’t be inspiring feelings of FOMO and not doing enough. Isn’t there a silver lining to that? Yes, it means you get to enjoy your intimate down time with your family absolutely guilt and schedule free. 

Indulge a little and squeeze some lemonade out of these lemons because I don’t think this type of lockdown happens every day. Allow yourself a movie marathon, break out paints in the backyard, go for a leisurely drive around your community, plant an herb garden, bake cookies, do those house projects that have been waiting around forever, go walk the dog in a full body onesie, fly kites, break out in a dance party every chance you get and let your kids get a little bored. They will survive and likely be better off for it…. As will you. 

Oh, and please simply smile at anyone you see, from a safe distance of course. We can all use the emotional support. 

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