Bored To Tears? Try These

So stocked up on Zen Time that you’re about to gag? Sick of hearing about yoga, quality time and left with Tiger King as your most exciting new adventure? Here are some ideas of fun ways to redirect your energy that actually manifest in a better version of you.

Have an abandoned instrument lying around? Remember those dreams of being able to strum a little tune around a beach bonfire or campfire? There are literally millions of online tutorials! Find a couple minutes to yourself and a room with a door to it and goooooo. Online classes abound at all levels. Hours upon hours will fly by unnoticed and you may actually hone a new skill you’ve always wanted

Have one of these? Now is the PERFECT time to cultivate that photography passion you’ve always harbored. There are great online tutorials on getting comfortable with your camera. Don’t have a fancy-schmancy camera? Surprise surprise your iPhone has a remarkable camera. It’s that thing you take selfies with.

I needed quick-fix decor for my bedroom after staring at my walls for the last 2 weeks of quarantine and these were super easy to snap in my backyard and send to print at my local CVS. Maybe a little less easy to actually hang them straight! It’s amazing what perspective you can find when looking through the lens of a camera.

I studied French in high school and college. Any guesses how useful that is now, even on a non-Coronavirus day? Not very. Maaaayyyybbbeeee Spanish would have been a little, or a lot, more practical. Maybe you’d always wanted to learn Italian a la Eat, Pray, Love? Why not start some online language lessons? There are wonderful providers out there like

Start a virtual book club with your friends, your family, your neighbors. Set an expedited schedule and let the literary adventures fly. Follow it up with a Facetime or Zoom session of your thoughts. Books are easily accessible digitally however if you’re a stickler for the real thing, Chaucers has curbside pickup in honor of social distancing and is a great way to support a local business.

Spring has officially sprung and being home eternally make me blatantly aware that the time for Spring Cleaning is here. Why not start with your closet and Marie Kondo that sh*t. Purge whatever no longer brings you joy. And guess what? Everyone is stuck at home with WiFi so this is the prime opportunity to take advantage of the need for retail therapy. If you have some nice items hop on Poshmark and start selling. Why not make their gain your gain? Parting doesn’t have to be sweet sorrow when you’re earning cash.

Take an online class. Deepen your area of specialty or explore an entirely new field of study. Earn a new certification or license. Level up.

These days there seems to be a lot outside of our control. All I am suggesting is that we turn our attention to what we can do to become the best versions of ourselves and do some of those things that we never seem to have the time to do in normal, day to day life. A side benefit may just be that we stop focusing on negativity and fear and pass this time with a little grace.

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