Everyday Eroticism – July

In Everyday Eroticism I am asking, what turns you on about your LIFE? What are the little moments that make you take pause and feel gratitude for this precious existence… or simply make you laugh out loud? I like to think of these moments as the pearls in my day, between the hurry scurry and to dos. This is the good stuff, the belly laughs, the moments when we shake ourselves and ask, how did I get so lucky to be here right now?

Here are some of my little Everyday Eroticisms for July:

  • They way my armpit makes a farting sound when wiping down the kitchen counters – LOL. Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly “erotic” (unless you’re into that sort of thing) but it gives me a belly laugh for sure. Am I the only person in the world that this happens to? It makes me think of elementary school somewhere around the 3rd grade with boys running around the recess yard showing off this newly acquired skill. In truth, my armpit farts don’t make me feel bad at all. In normal life this would be the perfect opportunity to pick on myself but instead I feel an internal welling of pride, I am proud of my body. We’ve, my body and I, come a long way since having the babes and for the first time in years I feel happy with the way I look. This is a combination of making myself a priority in order to put in the time and effort to get in shape and acceptance of myself including my scars, melasma and other gifts of the journey. Ladies, we are allowed to enjoy our bodies. We are allowed to feel great with where we are at. This is a reminder for me to lay down my sword and stop the battle with my body, it has served me nobly. It is time to proceed with a relationship of love and appreciation. Here is a little refresher course in case you are curious. Warning: Attempting this will likely make you and anyone near you laugh:
  • When my husband spontaneously unloads the dishwasher aka my current most-detested chore, PURE LOVE
  • Making mom-on-the-loose fun time a priority – This month I’ve enjoyed 2 shows at the Santa Barbara Bowl and a girls trip up to the California Mid State Fair in Paso Robles for a country concert. Taking time for yourself is critical for self love and to continue being a spring of love for everyone else in your household.
  • Naked toddler buns playing in water backyard sprinkler-style. I can’t get enough.
  • Enjoying the first produce of summer from our vegetable garden. Knox and Camilla loving strawberries straight from the vine. Fresh zucchini and summer squash, tomatoes and arugula. Something about enjoying produce from your own garden is like eating pure sunshine. My little garden is not large but it sure knows how to grow joy. Here are some fun recipes I like:
    • Healthy Zucchini Bread by Cookie & Kate – I am always trying to get vegetables into my kids. Muffins and breads are always a hit. I try to make healthy choices by avoiding refined sugars and using whole grain or almond flour instead of white/all-purpose flour.
    • Shaved Baby Squash Salad – I learned this recipe in Italy. It is so easy, fresh and pretty! This is a unique one for entertaining. Instructions: Get a handful of baby zucchini (and crooknecked squash if you like). Using a vegetable peeler or mandoline shave the squash into thin ribbons. Drizzle with high quality olive oil and lemon juice. Dust with lemon zest. Salt & pepper. *Il Fustino has a blood orange infused olive oil that I love to use with this.
    • Easy Zucchini Soup – My kids LOVE this soup as much as my husband and I do. It’s probably the easiest soup you’ll ever make. Instructions: In a large soup pot sweat 1 yellow onion with olive oil. Roughly chop 3 medium to large sized zucchini and cook until slightly softened. Add in 3 cups chicken stock and bring to a boil. Once a boil has been reached reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes or until the zucchini is cooked through. Let cool slightly and puree with an immersion blender. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with a drizzle of lemon juice (and a drizzle of bacon fat or crispy pancetta if you’re feeling naughty).
    • Slow Roasted Tomatoes – I fell in love with these flavorful bombs of umami in Australia, where they are served typically with breakfast. They take a while to cook but are totally worth the wait, store well for a couple days and can be reheated. There are a bunch a variations but I enjoy making mine with balsamic and thyme.
    • Sunshine Breakfast – This was my husband’s request for his birthday breakfast. Poached eggs on top of toasted, seeded baguette served with a side of sauteed home-grown tomatoes, spinach and garlic.
  • Enjoying a 20-30 minute two-fer of meditation and sunshine in the backyard. I try to get a meditation in on most days, it simply makes me a better, more centered person. In mom-life this usually occurs during toddler nap time (between 1pm-3/3:30pm for those not parenting). I started this practice when I realized that I was using the kiddos nap time to clean, get to-dos done and accomplish other work only to realize that I wasn’t allowing myself a chance to take a beat, like ever. It was burning me out. Now I take about an hour just for myself and I am incredibly protective of this time, it’s typically the only “me time” I get all day long. In the last month or so I’ve started laying out at the same time and I LOVE the results, the mega-dose of Vitamin D works miracles. *Be smart about skincare in the sun ladies.
  • Our once-thought-to-be-too-old-to-produce-fruit fruit trees are awakening. We have lived in our home for 3.5 years and couldn’t even recognize what some of these matrons of the property were until recently. I like to think they are thriving off the love of our household however I’m sure all the recent rain has had something to do with it.
  • New baby chicks! Our family has grown by 4 lovely ladies, named after our late grandmothers, and they are the cutest, sweetest little fluff-balls. More to come on this soon!

Ok, your turn. What has been turning YOU on about your life this July?

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