Last Minute Valentine’s Inspiration

As much as a planner I love to be, lately I’m feeling like I’m always running late and behind the ball. Maybe that’s just the chapter I’m in. Either way, Valentine’s is tomorrow and as much as I’m not a fan of consumer-driven holidays, I do appreciate the reminder to spread a little extra love and intention- either with your partner or in the spirit of self love. If you’re looking for inspiration with low effort why not try these recipes?

Hit the easy button and stay in

Adulting with young kids is a lot to manage on most days. Sometimes finding a babysitter, making dinner reservations and going through the whole song and dance simply for the sake of Valentine’s Day feels a little, well, put on (not to mention the $$$). In the spirit of Valentine’s, why not take an old favorite evening and add a little something special? Try this instead:

  • A heart shaped pizza from Rusty’s delivered to your door. Guaranteed to make everyone in the family happy and remove the burden of coordinating dinner, dishes, etc. In my opinion pizza and wine are absolutely gourmet. If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, grab some pre-made dough and fixings from the store and make pizzas with the whole family. 
  • Put the kids to bed and roll out your yoga mats. I plan to light candles, sprinkle petals from flowers cut from my garden and put on a fun partner partner yoga video. (There are plenty of videos on YouTube!)
  • Don’t forget the dessert! For me a simple slice of flourless chocolate cake to share with my honey will do!
  • Up for more? Take it old school with a flirty game of strip poker or break out a favorite from the board game cabinet… Perhaps XXXopoly should be dusted off from Mom Win: Sex Tips From A Toddler?
  • And if my husband actually reads this… Instead of cut flowers maybe consider bringing home some potted daffodils or tulips? Something that the chickens won’t eat and will live on to remind me of this sweet Valentine’s Day? Just a suggestion 🙂

Check out fun ideas from my Partner Appreciation post

Rolling solo this year? Blow this joint and get out of town

  • There are plenty of open appointments (I just checked) to bless yourself with a very happy Valentine’s at the Olympic Spa in Los Angeles. Give the gift of self-love with a Korean Spa treatment and be prepared to get naked. Something about this bath house experience will most definitely leave you with appreciation for your own body and the beauty of womankind overall. You will be positively emanating love by the time you stroll out of here.
  • If this sounds like fun for an adventurous couple, try the Wi Spa instead for a co-ed experience.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a production, instead it can be a little reminder to to cultivate a little extra love.

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